Railway tracks construction

Commercial Contact performs operations and maintenance on active railway lines and is able to perform the works ensuring extremely short day or night interruptions, in compliance with the available time windows.
Our staff has all the RFI qualifications necessary to work in safe conditions, in compliance with current regulations.We manage the timely supply to the construction site of the materials used in total autonomy and we use only the latest equipment and means in the railway maintenance sector.

Our interventions in railway tracks construction concern:

– Demolition of existing tracks
– Construction of railway tracks
– Construction of new diversions
– Track adjustment
– Aluminothermal welds
– Assembly of glued insulated joints
– Change of rails
– Picketing for the curve reference
– Assembly of Vossloh brackets for curves
– Rehabilitation of the ballast

Undergrounds and tramways

The long experience we have gained in the railway tracks construction sector allows us to approach professionally even the delicate urban transport sector.
Paying particular attention to the environmental needs to be respected in city centers, we take care of:

– CLS track construction
– Construction of diversions in CLS
– Creation of side platforms and containment walls in CLS

Civil railway construction

In addition to those relating to railway tracks construction, Commercial Contact works also involve activities that fall within the civil construction sector.
Examples are:

– Picketing works
– Creation of tunnels, paths, wells
– Plinti pali T.E., Pali M and pali L.S.
– Laying of the tracks along the track
– Creation of quays and rail crossings
– Underpass works
– Reinforced concrete works
– Supply of labor with skilled workers in T.E. works